PhD Students

Camila Metz-zumaran


After finishing high school in Peru, Camila decided to study Molecular Biosciences in Germany. Many years later she finished her Master thesis in Infectious Diseases at the University of Heidelberg. Since she liked it so much, Camila decided to start a PhD on the single cell spatial heterogeneity in the intestinal epithelium in Steeve’s lab. She moved with the lab to Florida. Now Camila enjoys the warm weather and the sun, going dancing and hanging out with friends.

List of Publications

Increased Sensitivity of SARS-CoV-2 to Type III Interferon in Human Intestinal Epithelial Cells

Multivalent 9-O-Acetylated-sialic acid glycoclusters as potent inhibitors for SARS-CoV-2 infection

Single-cell transcriptomics reveals immune response of intestinal cell types to viral infection

Single-cell analyses reveal SARS-CoV-2 interference with intrinsic immune response in the human gut